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iPhone 15 Pro Camera: A Major Boost You Cannot Miss!

Among all the latest releases of Apple, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has become the talk of the town. Why? The reason is simple – it is expected that the iPhone 15 models will probably get the utmost noteworthy changes. However, a lot of attention is on the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera setup.

And it is completely understandable. The camera is one of the most vital factors that help people to make decisions about which smartphone they should buy. It is one of the major key areas where various phone manufacturers can distinguish their devices from the competition. Apple knows this better than any other maker.



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This article will discuss everything you need to know about predicated iPhone 15 Pro Max camera upgrades this year. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

As per the rumours, iPhone 15 Pro Max is predicted to get several camera upgrades. Apple is trying hard to bring these outstanding camera advancements to iPhone 15 Pro Max. Therefore, it can win the race over Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Let us check it out one by one.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera- Bigger Sensor

Bigger sensor - iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera

According to the rumours, it is expected that in iPhone 15 Pro Max there will be a bigger sensor as compared to its predecessor iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will come with a Sony IMX90 sensor of 1/1.14 inch. It is nearly an inch. In short, iPhone 15 Pro Max will experience an 11 per cent increase from its predecessor iPhone 15 Pro Max’s sensor – Sony IMX803. In simple terms, a larger sensor = more light capture. Therefore, users will get brighter photos.

iphone 15 pro max camera

Periscope Lens

The main aim of the Pro Max model of iPhone 15 is to come up with the Periscope lens, which the Samsung Galaxy S23 already has. This Samsung phone uses this cutting-edge tech to provide a 10x zoom with the help of folded periscope lens. As per the leaks, iPhone 15 Pro Max periscope lens would offer 5x/6x zoom. Therefore, users will experience improved zooming capabilities of cameras without adding thickness.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Layout

Camera Layout - iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera


Right now, the iPhone 14 Pro Max models come with the Telephoto lens, which is present device’s top corner. The Ultra-Wide lens is present between the flash and LiDAR sensor and in the landscape orientation.  On the flip side, in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Ultra-Wide Lens is predicated on being relocated to the corner position.

As per the rumours, it is expected that the lens will take place between the LiDAR and the flash. And, because of this rearrangement, Apple will get some extra place that is required to put up the intricately folded optics of the periscope system.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera – Real Viewpoint


And, here, the surprising thing is that it will not be so easy for you to notice this change.


Read on to understand it.

Usually, the Periscope lens system makes use of the primary lens to click photos along with an angled mirror that reflects light at a 90° angle toward the second lens. After that, this lens sends the light to the image sensor. In order to outspread the focal length, the image sensor and secondary lens will be placed sideways inside the phone.

As the reflection of light will be angled, the telephoto lens in the system will be square-shaped. In short, the camera cutout will remain circular, and the actual lens inside will be squared. It means iPhone 15 Pro Max will remain unchanged when it comes to the lens array as compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It means you will not be able to tell the difference between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera as the main change will remain under the surface.

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To cut the story short, whether Apple makes other changes this year or not but one major change that Apple requires to make in the iPhone 15 Pro Max is to support and compete with Samsung’s Ultra model is an improved telephoto lens. Here the good news is that whatever we have heard till now, this change is certainly going to happen. Besides this, anything else will be just a bonus.

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In summary, Apple’s next lineup is expected to release in September this year, and it seems like the iPhone 15 Pro Max could come with an upgraded camera setup with a 48-megapixel sensor.

What do you think about these rumoured major camera upgrades on the iPhone 15 Pro models? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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